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For Third Year, ITC Named Top Technology Provider by Insurance Business America
ITC, a provider of websites, marketing, comparative rating and management software and services, announced today that for the third consecutive year they were named a top technology provider by Insurance Business America readers.

POSTED JUNE 21, 2018 10:00 AM
ITC Launches Data Analytics Portal for Insurance Carriers
ITC, a provider of websites, marketing, rating and management software and services, launched TurboAnalytics, its carrier insight portal, today.

POSTED APRIL 12, 2018 11:00 AM
ITC Receives Majority Equity Investment from Accel-KKR
ITC, a provider of websites, agency marketing, comparative rating and management software and services, announced today that it has received a majority equity investment from Accel-KKR, a leading technology-focused private equity firm.

POSTED APRIL 04, 2018 10:00 AM
Third Annual InsurTech Scholarship Open for Applications
The third annual InsurTech Scholarship is now open for applications for the 2018-19 school year.

POSTED JANUARY 30, 2018 9:00 AM
Single Sign On Now Available on TurboRater
ITC's comparative rating system TurboRater is now capable of single sign on.

POSTED DECEMBER 12, 2017 9:00 AM
ITC Adds Syndicated Blogging to Insurance Website Builder
Now available in Insurance Website Builder's Platinum and Emerald plans... syndicated blogging.

POSTED DECEMBER 07, 2017 9:00 AM
ITC Adds Multiple Filters to AgencyBuzz
ITC announced today the availability of stackable multiple filters in its automated agency marketing system AgencyBuzz.

POSTED OCTOBER 26, 2017 9:00 AM
ITC Named a Finalist for Digital Service Provider in the Inaugural Insurance Business Awards
ITC named a finalist in the Best Digital Service Provider category for the 2017 Insurance Business America Awards.

POSTED OCTOBER 13, 2017 9:00 AM
Meghan Axtman Wins the Second Annual InsurTech Scholarship
Congratulations to Meghan Axtman, a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, on winning the 2017-2018 InsurTech Scholarship.

POSTED OCTOBER 10, 2017 9:00 AM
Second Annual InsurTech Scholarship Open for Applications
The second annual InsurTech Scholarship is open for applications. Deadline to apply is September 15, 2017.

POSTED JULY 17, 2017 9:00 AM

ITC Blog

ICYMI: Using Your Agency’s Branding to Reach Online Prospects

masters of marketing websites

In the July edition of Masters of Marketing, Website Coordinator Karly Baker discussed the importance of setting goals for your insurance website, and how to use its branding to reach your target audience. 

To watch a recording of this presentation, click here. Or, view the slides below. 



Join us next time on Thursday, August 16th at 12:00 p.m. CT for Using the 5 W’s to Create a Successful Email Marketing Strategy with AgencyBuzz Product Manager Heather Cherry. See you then! 

POSTED JULY 19, 2018 1:46 PM
But I Don’t Have Time for SEO

but I don't have time for seo

It’s something I hear often from independent insurance agents.

I don’t have time for SEO.

It’s a natural response. Search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t cost money, but it demands attention.

Attention takes time. And time is not something independent agents have a lot of.

There are too many other tasks to take care of each day.

But while this response is natural, it’s not valid. In fact, it’s even destructive.

Here’s why you need to make time to optimize your agency website.

The Illusion of Prosperity

The phone is ringing off the hook. Your agents are busy writing policies left and right. And you’re hustling from one management task to the next.

These are the signs of a prosperous agency. Or are they?

It’s true all the signs above point to a current business boom. But there’s no certainty the busy times will last.

Demand could decrease overnight. Fewer customers could refer their friends and family. More customers could turn to an automated coverage solution, such as Lemonade. Or rate changes from your carriers could send your book of business across the street.

But you’re not thinking about any of this right now. You don’t have time to consider future possibilities. Your sole focus is on serving all the business you are seeing. And your assumption – conscious or not – is that business will stay at this level.

This is the illusion of prosperity.

It’s the misguided thinking that what is and what will be are the same. That what works now will continue to work later. That you don’t need to stay active to keep your business humming along.

This is a fallacy.

The business world is quite volatile. Many factors are outside of your control. And they can either grow or tank your business, in short order.

Changes in consumer tastes can affect your bottom line. So can competitor offerings or regulatory factors. Even prevailing weather patterns in your region can impact your revenues.

It might seem like your agency is a sailboat on calm, turquoise waters when times are good. But stormy seas might be lurking beyond the horizon. If you’re not vigilant, your ship could get battered to bits.

Controlling Your Destiny

It’s your responsibility as a business owner to take the wheel. To steer your agency through the present while keeping an eye on the future.

Preparation is key. As the old adage goes: Failing to plan is planning to fail.

This is where marketing comes in.

Effective marketing can help you to take control of the situation. To chart a more prosperous course through the uncertain waters ahead.

Marketing focuses on building future demand for your agency. Both by bringing in new business and maintaining existing business. Marketing factors in all the possibilities and lets you tackle them head on.

There are many marketing methods that help maintain this demand. But most cost money and are short-term focused. If the consumer they reel in don’t buy from you, you get no tangible return on your investment. And if you stop paying for these channels, demand can dry up overnight.

SEO doesn’t share these pitfalls. You don’t pay a search engine for visibility. Instead, you earn it through consistency and grit.

This visibility can drive revenue from both short and long-term buying cycles. And that revenue won’t disappear once you stop feeding quarters into the meter.

A well-executed SEO campaign can guide your agency through the turbulent business landscape. It can help you grow and cultivate business. It can give you control over your destiny.

The Tradeoff

While SEO doesn’t cost money, it does need investment. You must take the time to develop an optimization strategy. And you’ll need to commit to some recurring work to keep it running.

At first, you’ll need to determine what consumers are looking for online. Find out which needs and wants they express that your agency can help solve.

Then update your website to provide answers to these consumer desires. Any old answer won’t do. To earn search visibility, your agency needs to provide the best possible answer. You’ll need to show your worth to consumers to earn a chance at their business.

Keep an eye on how your agency appears on the web. And on what consumers say about it. Your ability to fix bad business data online affects your search visibility. And your ability to respond to feedback in a professional manner can win you customers.

And you’ll need to rinse and repeat. Add more relevant content and blog articles. Keep earning links from other valued websites. Keep fixing business data issues. And triage any issues with consumer reviews you might encounter down the road.

This all takes time to put into motion. And it takes time and patience to see results.

There are no shortcuts to success here. You will need to commit to the grind.

Making Time

An ongoing commitment to SEO is essential. But how can you make time when you’re stretched so thin?

It might seem like there’s a mountain in front of you. As if the climb is insurmountable. But devoting time to SEO is not beyond your reach.

Here are a couple pro tips for turning this mountain into a molehill.

  • Map out deliverables. Open your calendar and block out time to work on SEO related tasks. Use this time to perform content research, respond to consumer reviews, and much more. Set these calendar appointments as recurring tasks, so you can repeat them each week. By prodding yourself to stay on task, you’ll set yourself up for success.
  • Spread the load. Don’t take on all SEO tasks yourself. Split the workload across your agency staff. Set a rotation, and have a different staff member write a blog each month. Have a staff member keep an eye on your agency’s review profiles on Facebook, Google Maps and Yelp. By delegating SEO tasks, you can achieve more in less time.

Committing to an SEO campaign requires discipline. It requires organization and prioritization.

The time commitment can pay off. Instead of riding the peaks and valleys of business cycles, your agency can drive demand. You can grow your presence and grow your revenue. All without those white-knuckle moments.

So, stop saying you don’t have time for SEO. Make time. Your agency’s future depends on it.

POSTED JULY 18, 2018 9:21 AM
How to Send an Apology Email the Right Way

guy with hands on head

When it comes to email marketing, a mistake can happen even if you proofread. Even if you double check. And even if you get your content peer-reviewed. Mistakes happen.

Whether you take action in the form of an apology email depends on the size and impact of your mistake. Perhaps you made a typo in the subject line. Or, maybe you sent out a hurricane awareness email in December. To 10,000 people. Who live in the Midwest!

It may seem urgent to send an apology. But, take a few minutes to think about if that apology email should go out or not.

What to do After Small Mistakes

In the case of a typo or a broken link or image, the best action to take is to avoid sending another email to the customer. A second email may end up annoying them. It also gives them another chance to unsubscribe from your correspondence.

As long as the message of the email was still clear, and there was no offensive content, it is best practice to let it go. This also ensures your mistake will not be pointed out to anyone who missed it in the first place.

Depending on the email marketing client you use, you may even be able to stop a campaign. You could then fix the typo or broken link once you notice it, and then continue with the campaign.

What to do After Bigger Mistakes

Sometimes you may make a bigger mistake, such as sending an email which is not applicable. You can send out an apology so your contacts are not left confused. As an example, here is an apology for a St. Patrick’s Day email that was accidentally sent in the middle of May.

apology email

As you can see, the email is short and sweet. They offered an apology. They explained why the mistake happened. They included a promise that it won’t happen again. And, they kept the channels open in case the recipient wanted to continue the conversation.

In such a case, it could be appropriate to include a humor in your apology email. Receiving an off-season email is not a very big deal. But, if you accidentally sent an offensive email, stay completely clear of anything except offering an apology.

What to do After an Offensive Mistake

If you did mistakenly send offensive content or something that could be viewed as in bad taste, the goal of your apology is to seem apologetic and sincere. You may try to control any damage that may have taken place by offering an explanation. But, in such a case, it is best to apologize and accept your mistake.

An offensive email could be anything from a typo which turned a non-offensive word into a something rude. Or, making light of an issue which some people may consider serious.

As an agent, one of the most important things you want from your clients (besides from their business) is their trust. In the case of a rogue email, it is best practice to gain that trust back by sending an apology with an explanation.

Mistakes Happen

Mistakes can happen. That is why it is always handy to have an apology email draft on hand. Then you can act fast, in case a mistake does happen.

You may be in a panic after sending an email with a mistake in it.  So take a minute (and consult with a team member) to make sure it even warrants an apology email.

Yes, your mistake may be embarrassing and feel like a huge deal. Especially if you sent out hundreds or even thousands of the email out. But, remember the customer already received one of those emails. So, it is probably not a very big deal to them.


POSTED JULY 16, 2018 9:53 AM
3 Easy Ways to Refresh Old Content

refreshed image

I love updating other people's blogs. Not so much writing blogs, but enhancing, optimizing and customizing them. I feel like that's my special skill and I'm quite good at it!

So, I'm going to share my three best tips on how to refresh your existing content. 

1. Make It Pretty

Start with the easy things first. I always begin with either adding a picture or updating the image if there already is one. You'd be surprised how much difference a picture makes to content.

It brings visual interest to the content. And, it tells your audience what your content is about without having to read the full article. If your content is particularly long, go ahead and add two images! Just make sure they are correctly licensed

You can also add links to relevant articles or blogs you've written since the original publish date. This specific method is called interlinking. This a strategy search engine optimization professionals use. Interlinking creates a web of links that search engines will follow, and will regard your website highly.

Don't be afraid to add a call-to-action if necessary, be it in form of a button or a text link. 

2. Update Formatting

Take a hard look at the formatting of your blog. Do you need to break up some paragraphs? Add some bulleted or numbered lists? How about headers, subheads, or bolded keywords?

Now is the time to do it. Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customer to want to read your content. Nobody wants to read a thick chunk of text. Make your blog interesting using the aforementioned items. Your views may increase if it’s easier to read. 

You may even decide to cut out some content. No one will fault you for having shorter content. Just make sure that it still makes sense.

3. Update Information

Now for the hard part: Updating the content itself. Make sure facts, dates, and coverages amounts are still relevant and accurate. Consider adding some recent real-world examples that may shed a new light your content. Spice things up by offering an opposing view. Refer to a more recent study or statistic.

All these changes may bring some new views to your insurance website or blog. If you do make significant informational updates, that is okay. Just be sure to make note of it somewhere in the blog, just in case a return viewer is looking for it. 

So next time you notice one of your blogs or webpages in need of some TLC, use the tips above to spruce it up! There's only really three things you have to do.

POSTED JULY 11, 2018 9:19 AM
This is the Way: Angie Ribuffo from Women in Insurance and Financial Services

Angie Ributto this is the way I work ITC profile image

Angie Ribuffo grew up a military brat, frequently moving around the country following her US Army father. In high school she earned an ROTC scholarship, and entered the US Air Force nurse corps following college.

There she met her husband, who introduced her to the importance of financial planning. While stationed in Germany, Angie transitioned to working in the Family Support Center, where she worked with military members and spouses in personal financial management.

“When my husband retired from the US Air Force I was approached by my current broker-dealer to become a financial advisor,” said Angie.

Angie loved the idea of helping families with obtaining financial success. She recounts a memorable moment that made an impact on her career when she first started as a financial advisor:

“I was working with a couple and identified an insurance shortfall on the husband,” said Angie. “I made the recommendation for the needed insurance, which they rejected, so I didn’t pursue it in later meetings.”

Unexpectedly the husband passed away, and Angie says she still remembers sitting across from the widow having to explain that she would need to continue to work.

“I now make sure this becomes a continuing discussion at every meeting,” said Angie.

Today, Angie continues to enjoy the meaningful work of guiding families toward financial preparedness and success. Her favorite part about the industry is the being able to make a positive impact in the lives of families.

This is the way Angie Ribuffo works.


Anchorage, Alaska

Current gig:

Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planning Professional and 2018 National President of Women in Insurance and Financial Services. I am also the honorary commander for the Alaska Air National Guard.

One word that describes how you like to work:


Current mobile device:

IPhone 7

Current computer:

Microsoft Surface and HP Desktop

Projects you’re currently working on:

Besides working on financial plans for my clients, I am working on writing an article for several other media like a supplement for USA Today and the CLTC digest.

Accomplishments you’re proud of:

Obtaining my 5 designations: CFP, ChFC, RICP, CDFA, CLTC; becoming the President of Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS) and becoming the Honorary Commander of the Alaska Air National Guard

angie ribuffo alaska air national guard

What are your goals for the next 12 months?

To increase the awareness of this industry to women, not only to join our profession but also for women consumers to use our profession for financial success.

What are your biggest professional challenges?

Staying relevant and using social media.

What do you like most about your job?

Helping my clients. When they achieve a goal I am so happy for them and it fills my cup.

Aside from your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without and why? Really not a gadget gal.

What technology, apps or tools can’t you live without?

My outlook calendar

Describe your workspace.

I have an office with a beautiful view of the mountains. My office is decorated with pictures that have meaning for me along with pictures of my family.

How do you manage your to-do list?

I use a to-do list and once a week I have what I call “eat the frog” day. This is the day when all the items that I don’t like to do or that have been pushed to the bottom of the to-do list get my priority attention and I get them done regardless of how long it takes me that day.

What’s your best time-saving tip or hack?

Color code your calendar by tasks so that you can see at a moment’s glance where your focus is for the day/week/month and adjust if it’s not helping you achieve your goals

angie ribuffo

What’s the first thing you do when you get in the office?

Have my tea and fire up my computer

What do you listen to while working?

Motown oldies

What are you currently reading?

Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne

Favorite social network?

Linked In

Coffee or tea?


Night owl or morning person?

Night owl

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

Not watching Netflix

What’s your sleep routine like?

Bed by 11pm and up lately at 5:30am

What does a typical day look like for you?

In the office by 6:30 am, teleconferences & emails, clients, emails, financial analysis & planning, last client by 5:30pm, home by 7:30pm, Dinner by 8pm time with my husband, last emails at 10pm.

Who are your business idols and why?

Oprah Winfrey because of her ability to be successful in all her endeavors and stay her authentic self.

What is your motto or personal mantra?

It used to be “eat the frog” but I now use the “Fail with grace, recover with grit” because I feel it’s applicable to my clients as well as my business

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

I received this quote from one of my mentors. It’s from Maya Angelou:

You may encounter many defeats,
but you must not be defeated.
In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats,
so you can know who you are,
what you can rise from,
how you can still come out of it.

If you could switch jobs with someone, who would it be?

Condoleezza Rice when she was Secretary of State

Who would you like to see in a future This is the Way post?

Sheila Stith of Stith and Associates or Cynthia Diccianni of Diccianni Financial Group, Inc.

POSTED JULY 10, 2018 9:14 AM
A Thousand Words: The Importance of Photography on Your Website

car driving on bridge

You’ve heard it many times: Pictures are worth a thousand words. 

Now, words can also tell a story, but they take longer. They need attention from your target audience to be understood.

This, unfortunately, is not a luxury you have with your insurance website. You have to grab someone’s attention in the seconds.

That’s not long enough for someone to read about your agency, or peruse your lines of business. It is long enough for a photo to grab someone’s attention and convince them to look through your website.

The Most Important Image

There is one picture in particular that needs to captivate, and that’s the first picture they see. The image that tops your homepage is going to shape the viewer’s impression of you and your website.

This image goes by many names. I’ve heard hero image, splash image, and header image. No matter the name, though, the purpose is the same: To keep the viewer engaged and on the website.

To that end, we’re going to go over some tips and tricks to pick out that perfect image.

1. Put the Effort In

Most people make their first mistake before they even pick out their image. The mistake is they don’t give this process its due respect.

I hear it all the time, “I’m not a designer,” “I don’t have an eye for this,” “I don’t have time to look through hundreds of photos.”

The truth is, you get what you give when it comes to picking the design details of your website. If you don’t do your due diligence in designing your website, it will show. Online visitors will lose interest.

Imagery is important. It’s also easier than you think. That is, if you think a photo looks vibrant and modern, it probably is. You could also run it by your designer or website design consultant. They’ll be happy to share their opinion with you. After all, that’s what you pay a consultant for.

This is what it looks like when someone spends hours looking through photos...

friedman benefits group website

This agent is a former member of the military. He found something that is patriotic, but also works with his color scheme. His agency is also in the Northeast, and the Statue of Liberty is local to that region.

To find something that covers all your bases, you have to really look. You can’t just pick the first thing that appears to you. The early effort you put into the process will show benefits in the future.


2. Choose Wisely to Show You’re Local

Now that you are in the right mindset to search for a photo, let’s talk about how to actually pick out the right image. The first idea I want to go over is localization.

As an independent agent, it’s important your potential and existing clients know you’re local. That you’re a member of their community.

A great way to do that is use a landscape of your city as your header image. Look at the below example. Is there any question where they’re located?

eg insurance website

I would say for anyone in the Chicago area, this will resonate and lead to potential customers.

Remember, most people could buy insurance from a major carrier rather than an agent. What gives an independent agent the edge? Community. Play off of that. It can serve you well.

If choosing your location isn’t going to work, there is another option. Make sure to pick something that tells the story of what you’re selling and who you are.

For example, for life insurance, the image should portray families, families, families.

You’re selling a product that’s intended to protect families. If you can find an image of parents and kids laughing and playing together, that is what’s going to hit home. I always tell my clients people gravitate toward people.

This also requires staying positive. Happy families will help you garner trust. Showing scenes such as funerals, terminally ill patients and headstones will have people running for the hills. Avoid those at all costs.

And, a bonus, personal thought: Puppies can help you sell anything. Take a look at this photo and tell me you don’t want to go buy a new car, right now.

3. Choose Your Colors Wisely

Colors are so important when picking photography. Here are some tips to get the most out of your imagery.

Avoid black and white imagery. It’s rarely as eye-catching as you think it is. Even if the rest of your website scheme is black and white, use your header image as a splash of color. Sure, monochromatic images look classic, but they don’t draw the eye anywhere.

Use vivid, vibrant colors. Here’s a great example.

alicia kines insurance agency website

The lens flare and green grass draws the eye and acts as a contrast to the classic black and gold color scheme.

Another good rule of thumb is to make sure colors complement, if not match, your branding and color scheme.



The primary colors for this website are gold and forest green. Since these two colors match the main hero image, it makes a powerful impression.


I could write a 20-page paper on the importance of choosing the right photography. Alas, I promised you 1,000 words. The final thought I’d like to leave you with is this: Know what story you’re trying to tell, and stick to it.

Do you have any questions or tips of your own to add? Leave us a comment below!


POSTED JULY 09, 2018 9:57 AM
ACORD Forms Update (June 2018)

We've updated the below ACORD forms for users of our agency management system InsurancePro.


New Forms

9 SC 2018/07 - South Carolina Required Notice for Insurance Applications


Corrections or Modifications to Existing Forms

50 AZ 2018/08 - Arizona Insurance Identification Card (for use on or after 7/31/2018)

POSTED JULY 05, 2018 6:10 PM
Crawl, Walk, Run: Using Your Agency’s Branding to Reach Online Prospects


Your insurance agency can't be successful without its goals and objectives. How else would you know if your business is successful?

The same can be said for your agency website, too. Many agents have a loose idea of what they want their website to look like. But, not what goal they want it to achieve. 

In other words, if you're going to put time and effort into a website for your insurance agency, why not set it up for success from the start. 

During the next edition of Masters of Marketing webinar, ITC Website Coordinator Karly Baker will discuss the different types of goals you can set for your agency website, and how to achieve them. 

This free webinar will take place on Thursday, July 19th at 12:00 p.m. CT. Click here to sign up to attend. See you then! 

POSTED JULY 06, 2018 10:08 AM
5 Ideas for Your Insurance Agency's Next Instagram Post

your agency's next instagram post

If you're asking what Instagram is, you're doing social media wrong. Why?  Because Instagram is the second most used social media platform in the United States. With 500 million active daily users and more than 800 million monthly users, it's a major platform.

The best news for independent insurance agents? It's not saturated yet.

First, the rules. You need a Facebook business page to start an Instagram business page. You’ll also need a mobile phone with the Instagram app to get started.

Other than that, all you need is creativity and ideas.

Did you know? When you post to Instagram, it also allows you to share that post to your Facebook page and Twitter feed. That means you can post to three accounts at once!

If you’re still wondering how your agency can use Instagram, start with this blog post. For posting ideas, read on!

1. Welcome to Instagram

Is this your first post ever? Welcome your agency to Instagram. Take a group picture of everyone in your office. Then, decorate it with text that says We're on Instagram.

If you share this to other social media platforms, add your Instagram handle so people can follow you. Also include hashtags like #instanewbie or #firstpost.


first instagram post

2. Meet Our Team Monday

Create and use hashtags to categorize your posts. For example, try #MeetOurTeamMonday to introduce your team to followers.

Pick one person from your agency every Monday, and post their photo. Add a caption with a short bio. This helps people put faces to names and builds a personal connection.

meet the team

meet the team


3. Pick a Day, Any Day

Every day of the year can have a theme or holiday associated with it. On the day I'm writing this, it's National Camera Day. Search the web for a list of the month’s unofficial holidays. Decorate the post accordingly, and don't forget the hashtag.

bike to work day


4. Fun Fact Friday

There are probably a lot people who don’t know about your agency. But, there are even more who don’t know about insurance. Post a well-designed fact about either your agency or insurance as a whole. It can be interesting and educational.

fun fact friday instagram post

5. Community Happenings

Anything happening in your community? There's always a 5k fundraiser happening somewhere! If your agency sponsors or attends local events, post about it. It’s a good idea to post pictures from outside the office once in a while.


community Instagram post

Bonus: Office Closures

Did you make sure your customers know your office is closed for the 4th of July holiday? Instagram, along with your agency’s other social media pages, is an easy place to let your customers know you're closed.

A Few Other Tips & Tricks

As I mentioned earlier, hashtags are a must. It's how people find your posts and relate to them. It's also how you gain more followers. Make one for your agency and use it.

  • #dohertyinsurance
  • #allstateinsurance or #areyouingoodhands

If you're worried about being creative, Instagram has plenty of features to make your photos amazing. Check out this blog post for in-depth tips on creating graphics you can share to Instagram. And, instead of using boring stock photography, check out Pexels and Unsplash for some beautiful free photos.

Finally, I picked some agencies from hashtag searches that do a good job with Instagram. Use them as inspiration. Look through their feeds and take note of what you like.

Remember, everything good takes time. You won't get a million followers day one. But, keep posting and stick with it!

POSTED JULY 02, 2018 9:41 AM
Heating Up: 10 July-Themed Content Ideas for Your Agency


If business has slowed at your agency, why not take the opportunity to tackle your next piece of content. Get it out of the way before activity picks up again. 

Below you’ll find a fresh batch of topic ideas you can use for your next agency blog post. Or, use them for a monthly newsletter or social media campaign. Your followers, subscribers and customers will enjoy getting to know your agency in a new way.


  1. Best Spots to Watch July 4th Fireworks

What are the best places in your area to watch Independence Day fireworks? Write a blog post listing local fireworks displays taking place in your town. Be sure to include details such as address, start time, and parking availability. Share this to your agency’s social media pages a few days before the fourth.

  1. Heat Exhaustion Safety

Here in the South, temperatures have already reached the triple digits. It can be unsafe to spend extended periods of time outdoors without precautions. Notify your readers of ways to avoid heat exhaustion. For example, taking water breaks and avoiding over-exertion.

  1. July Food Holidays

July has many interesting and fun holidays aside from the typical festivities. Your insurance agency can choose to take part in as many or as few of these as you’d like. They may also be a fun addition to your newsletter’s events section. Take a look at this website for some interesting food-related holidays this month. Did you know July 1st is International Chicken Wing Day?

  1. Life Insurance Check-In

A lot of consumers have the mindset of “Set it and forget it” with insurance. The same is true for life insurance coverage as well. If your agency writes life insurance, why not write a blog post about how often people should check in on their policies. This would make a great evergreen blog post, too.

  1. Dog Days of Summer

Here’s a fun factoid to post on your agency’s social media page today. Did you know the saying dog days of summer has astronomical origins? The warmest and most humid part of summer is also the period when Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, rises with the sun at the same time.

  1. International Travel Safety

Summer is when many people are free to take longer, extended trips. This can mean vacations abroad or internationally. Do your agency’s clients do the same? Do some research and compile your top international travel tips for this month’s blog post.

  1. (Air Conditioned) Summer Fun

Before writing this blog post, think about your customer base. Is it mostly families? Older generations? Commercial clients? With that in mind, write a helpful blog about the best indoor places to have some fun around your city.

  1. Tips to Reduce Water Usage

We use water every day for cleaning, cooking, bathing, and more. Those small uses can add up to a pricey water bill, though. This is especially true if your area is drought-prone. Make your next blog post about top water conservation tips.

  1. City Recycling Pickup

If your agency serves a lot of homeowners, this topic may be of interest to them. Many neighborhoods and counties have their own rules for recycling pickup. But, it can be hard for new residents to know what the pickup times are. Write your next blog post about this topic.

  1. Worker’s Comp Series

This can depend on your agency’s lines of business. Start a series about worker’s compensation. Use it to answer your most common questions about the subject. You could also write a blog post about your most common types of claims.  

POSTED JUNE 27, 2018 9:25 AM

News – Insurance Journal

Study Examines California Worker’s Comp Prescription Drug Outcomes Under New Formulary
A new analysis offers a preliminary look at Utilization Review and Independent Medical Review outcomes involving pharmaceutical requests for California injured workers since the state implemented a workers’ compensation formulary in January. The analysis from the California Workers’ Compensation Institute …

POSTED JULY 20, 2018 8:47 PM
UK Government Officials Identify Security Risks with Huawei’s Telecom Equipment
Technical and supply-chain issues with equipment made by Chinese firm Huawei have exposed Britain’s telecom networks to new security risks, a government report said on Thursday. The assessment, made in a report signed off by Britain’s GCHQ spy agency, will …

POSTED JULY 20, 2018 4:22 PM
Blaze at Chicago-Area Condo Complex Displaces Hundreds
Fire has left homeless hundreds of residents of a suburban Chicago condominium complex. About 150 firefighters from 50 departments near Prospect Heights battled the fire, which Prospect Heights Fire Chief Drew Smith said began about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday and continued …

POSTED JULY 20, 2018 3:46 PM
Baker Appointed Assistant VP at RHSB in Texas
Texas-based independent insurance brokerage firm, RHSB, has added Mike Baker as assistant vice president. He will be a part of the growing Commercial Property & Casualty sales practice. Baker has over a decade of experience assisting commercial clients with their …

POSTED JULY 20, 2018 3:42 PM
Explosion, Fire at Oklahoma Disposal Well Injures 3
Central Oklahoma authorities say three people have been injured in an explosion and fire at a saltwater disposal well. Kingfisher County emergency management officials say the explosion occurred shortly after 3 p.m. Wednesday at a saltwater disposal well south of …

POSTED JULY 20, 2018 3:36 PM
Ohio Chemical Plant Explodes, Catches Fire, Prompts Evacuations
An Ohio chemical manufacturing plant has exploded and caught fire, prompting authorities to evacuate a large area around it. Emerald Performance Materials says it evacuated the plant in Akron and notified the fire department after the Wednesday afternoon explosion. It …

POSTED JULY 20, 2018 3:34 PM
Arkansas Approves Rules with Opioid Prescription Limits
An Arkansas panel has given final approval to regulations that will require doctors who prescribe high doses of opioid pain medication to follow guidelines meant to limit potential abuse, including exploring alternative treatments and limiting prescriptions. The Legislative Council’s Administrative …

POSTED JULY 20, 2018 3:29 PM
Alaska Cannabis Festival Under Investigation for Allowing Pot Consumption
Organizers of an Alaska cannabis festival who allowed adult participants to consume pot in public are facing an investigation and possible fine. The director of the Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office will recommend a penalty for Alaska Hempfest, a …

POSTED JULY 20, 2018 2:46 PM
$10M Award to Man Hit By Garbage Truck Reinstated by Oregon Court
The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled that a trial judge shouldn’t have reduced a jury’s award to a man whose leg was severed by a garbage truck in downtown Portland. In reinstating the award, the Appeals Court said the …

POSTED JULY 20, 2018 2:44 PM
Montana Jury Awards $300K in Youth Center Sex Abuse Case
A Montana jury has awarded $300,000 to a mother who claimed a Billings youth treatment center failed to protect her son from being sexually abused by other residents. The Billings Gazette reports the jury awarded the damages Wednesday on claims …

POSTED JULY 20, 2018 2:42 PM

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