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Second Annual InsurTech Scholarship Open for Applications
The second annual InsurTech Scholarship is open for applications. Deadline to apply is September 15, 2017.

POSTED JULY 17, 2017 9:00 AM
ITC Named a Top Technology Provider in Insurance Business America for Second Year
Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), a provider of websites, marketing, comparative rating and management software and services, announced today that readers of Insurance Business America have named ITC a top technology provider for the second year in a row.

POSTED JUNE 26, 2017 9:00 AM
ITC Launches GAINSCO Buy Now in TurboRater for Websites in Texas
ITC launches GAINSCO Auto Insurance® Buy Now in Texas in its online consumer rater TurboRater for Websites to help independent agents compete effectively online.

POSTED MARCH 20, 2017 9:00 AM
Albert Appouh Wins the Inaugural InsurTech Scholarship
Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), a provider of agency marketing, rating and management software and services, announced today Albert Appouh as the inaugural recipient of the InsurTech Scholarship.

POSTED NOVEMBER 09, 2016 9:00 AM
ITC Launches Homeowner Rating API for Online Agencies and Lead Providers
Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), a provider of agency marketing, rating and management software and services, made homeowner insurance rates available via its web service-based rating API today.

POSTED NOVEMBER 02, 2016 9:00 AM
ITC Integrates TurboRater with Compass Driving Records
Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), a provider of marketing, rating and management software and services, announced today the integration of TurboRater, its comparative rating system, with Compass Driving Records to provide its users with access to motor vehicle reports (MVRs).

POSTED AUGUST 24, 2016 9:00 AM
ITC Debuts Inaugural InsurTech Scholarship
Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), a provider of agency marketing, rating and management software and services, announced today the debut of an annual scholarship program to support the future of the insurance industry.

POSTED AUGUST 17, 2016 9:00 AM
ITC Adds First Chicago to Binding Online with TurboRater for Websites in Illinois and Indiana
Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), a provider of marketing, rating and management software and services, announced today it has added First Chicago Insurance to the binding online technology in Illinois and Indiana in its online consumer rater TurboRater for Websites.

POSTED AUGUST 10, 2016 9:00 AM
TurboRater Becomes First Comparative Rater to Provide Two-Factor Authentication
Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), a provider of marketing, rating and management software and services, announced today it is adding a second layer of security to its comparative rating and sales system TurboRater with two-factor authentication, making it the first comparative rater to offer this extra security.

POSTED AUGUST 03, 2016 9:00 AM
ITC Integrates with and Empowers Market Growth
Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), a provider of marketing, rating and management software and services, announced today its integration with to help provide more auto insurance quotes to online insurance shoppers.

POSTED JULY 27, 2016 9:00 AM

ITC Blog

Summer Slowdown: What to Do When Business Slows Down

slowdown road sign

It depends on the industry, but it’s hard to imagine your agency isn’t experiencing a slowdown in the summer months. Forty-five percent of Americans take vacation in the summer according to

This means there are less people sitting at their desks and reading emails than during the rest of the year. So, what can you do during this time to further your email marketing efforts?

Do a Deep Dive into Your Data

You can take this time to dig deeper into your data. Are your emails getting the response you’d like? Which emails are working the best and which aren’t working at all?

You can even run an A/B test during this time since you know less contacts will see the emails you’re testing out. Most importantly: Audit the work you’ve been doing using your data.

Edit and Refine Existing Campaigns

We’re big fans of automated emails. But, just because you can set up an email campaign and let it run doesn’t mean you don’t make changes. Don’t set it and forget it.

If you find outdated information, update it. Sending out irrelevant or outdated information turns contacts off. Jupiter research found relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails.

If you see trends in your data that you need to compensate for, do it. Your contacts may have liked opening emails at 2 p.m. on Thursdays last year. But, this year they might like Wednesday mornings better. Be prepared to tweak everything.

Are you sending contacts the same emails over and over? If so, they’re not reading them anymore. Even changing your birthday email design may increase the chances of it doing the work you devised it for.

Plan Ahead

While you have some down time, check how things have changed for your business. Change is a constant. Marketing plans, especially digital marketing, are more fluid than ever.

Consider changes to your brand, your business needs, and marketing strategy. Are those reflected in your current email marketing strategy? This is a great time to devise brand new content for your new needs.

If you’ve identified a weakness in cross selling, then a brand new cross sell campaign made be in order. If you know you are in need of referrals, you can develop a referral promotion campaign.


You don’t have to let the summer slowdown get you down! Use your time wisely and prepare for the future while your customers are on vacation.


Need email marketing help? We want to help you reach your goals. Contact us today for a free consultation.

POSTED JULY 24, 2017 9:29 AM
ICYMI: Ask Me Anything with Bob Ingram of Peachstate Insurance

In the July 2017 edition of Masters of Marketing, attendees participated in a live AMA, or Ask Me Anything, featuring Bob Ingram of Peachstate Insurance. Topics ranged from SEO to ROI to lead generation, and more.  If you missed it, watch a recording and view the slides below. 


Mark your calendars! The next Masters of Marketing webinar takes place on Thursday, August 17th at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Website Coordinator Matt Farrell will discuss Bang For Your Buck: Underused Features of Your Insurance Website. Don't miss it!

POSTED JULY 20, 2017 1:58 PM
A Midsummer Site’s Routine

Woman wearing sunglasses reading tablet


With summer hitting its stride, customers are on the move. Travelling, vacationing and needing service quicker than ever. Now is the perfect time to check your insurance website and make some adjustments to meet summer demands.

Consider summer a time to try new things and cultivate a routine that breathes new life into your website. As a brief overview, here is a list of website elements anyone should be able to address quickly and with ease.

  • Colors
  • Photos
  • Typography
  • Call to Action
  • Mobile Accessibility

Too Cool for the Summer

Summer is associated with bright playful colors, so there is no shame in going with a bright color for a few months.

Swap out a boring accent color with some watermelon, lime, or orange shades. This can be applied to link colors or to one specific call to action. It doesn’t have to change the entire scheme of your site.

Photobombs Away

For those in areas of the country with especially diverse seasons, take this chance to update photos.

Use the blog to post snapshots and updates, while avoiding making any major changes. These types of seasonal changes will add depth and a human touch.

Be Bold

Perhaps the easiest way to save people time and effort on your website is to create a clear hierarchy.

This can be achieved through bold typography. Keeping in theme with summer, try some daring combinations. Use this approach to combat short attention spans.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce”

Taking a cue from Shakespeare’s vixen, try a short and fierce call to action. Having a call to action should be a priority. But, less can be more.

When used with colors, photos, and typography, a quick call to action can tie everything together and go a long way.

But Hark! Be Mobile

Customers are on the move. So make sure your website translates to a mobile device. Make the call to action clear, information easily accessible, and distractions minimized. A mobile-friendly website will pay off far past the summer.

When it comes to websites, there is always room for content updates. So use summertime to take chances with the design. Be bold, have fun, and make your site stand out for those on the go.



Are you thinking about updating your insurance agency website? We can help. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

POSTED JULY 18, 2017
Value: Your Key to Marketing Success

Value: your key to marketing success graphicHow do I increase my agency’s online presence?

It’s a question I get often. My answer is two words.

Show value.

Let’s take a closer look at why value is your key to agency marketing success.


Why Value Matters

When I was a kid, my family listened to the radio a lot on car rides. Every few minutes, I’d hear a new Mitsubishi commercial that harped on one thing: Low prices.

These commercials left an impression on me, but not a good one.

They made me think, “If all they advertise on is price, their product and customer service must be garbage.” To this day, I’ve never even considered buying a Mitsubishi vehicle.

I’m not the only one who feels this way about price-heavy advertising. Every consumer wants to save money. But, most don’t want to sacrifice quality to do so. They need another differentiator to consider.

Value is that differentiator. It conveys not only how little a consumer will give up for your service, but also how much they’ll get back in return. This is critical in the insurance industry, where it’s impossible to advertise on price alone.

Value positions your agency as clear choice in a cluttered marketplace. Once it’s established in the minds of your consumers, it can become your most powerful selling point.


How to Convey Value

It’s easy to see the benefits of weaving value into your marketing. But how do you pull it off?

You do it by selling the experience.

Consumers aren’t coming to your agency to sign their name and set up a recurring payment. They’re looking for a financial security blanket. For peace of mind.

As such, consumers want personalized attention. They want exemplary service. They want a shopping process that’s stress-free and frictionless.

The good news is, it’s easy to provide this experience. It only takes the right attitude and some top-down training.

Here’s how to put this into motion:

  1. Commit to a customer service philosophy across your agency. The customer should always come first. Demand a positive, helpful attitude from your employees. Remind them that how they answer the phone or handle a dispute matters. Customers can go months without engaging with your agency. Every call, email or in-person visit counts.
  2. Ensure your agency website matches your philosophy. Your website should be easy to navigate. And consumers should be able to take instant action. So, cut out clutter. Make all buttons and forms easy to understand. Think mobile-first.
  3. Answer complicated consumer questions on insurance. Insurance can be a confusing subject. Are your consumers familiar with how coverage works? How to file a claim? The difference between an independent and a captive agent? Create videos, graphics or articles that make these topics easier to understand.
  4. Track online reviews of your agency. Consumer sentiments matter. Encourage customers to leave reviews on sites such as Google, Facebook and Yelp. Take note of positive sentiments. They’re ironclad proof of your agency’s value. And always make sure you respond to negative reviews with professionalism and class.
  5. Share the experience you provide. It’s time to put it all together. Take everything you’ve done in the first four steps and include it in your marketing materials. Be specific, yet concise. That way, your message can remain consistent on Facebook ads, emails, website copy and more.

The first four steps are intuitive. The fifth is a bit harder. Don’t overthink it. Share what you’ve done in your own voice. Consumers will see the value, and they’ll appreciate the authenticity.

What to Expect

Value-based marketing might bring a mixed bag of results at first. You likely won’t see your agency’s search rankings increase. And you shouldn’t expect see a flood of new prospects overnight. But what you can expect to see is an increase in your close ratios.

By committing to this strategy, your agency will have gone the extra mile to prove its value. That means consumers will know what to expect when they contact you. They’ll be more likely to trust you even before their first point of contact.

Earning trust is the most difficult part of closing sales. If a prospect already trusts you the first time they contact you, all you need to do is close the deal.

It’s also worth noting value-based marketing can pay big dividends over time. As your agency earns consumer trust, referrals should follow. Consumers could associate your brand with value as well. All this can boost your agency’s online presence in a big way.


Final Thoughts

Marketing on value is like a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. It gets more mileage out of the consumer experience your agency already provides. And, it does this in a way that allows your agency to stand apart in a crowded market.

So, what are you waiting for? Put value at the heart of your agency’s marketing today!  

Need a hand with your agency’s marketing plan? We’re here to help. Contact us today to get started.


POSTED JULY 17, 2017 9:33 AM
Your Agency’s Digital Personality

Color emotion guide chartThere are three important components to think about when designing your insurance agency website. Your logo, the color scheme, and the images you’ll use.

But, before focusing on those items you need to ask yourself who your target audience is. They help inform your agency’s digital personality. This is how your website comes across to online insurance shoppers.


Your Agency’s Target Audience

Depending on your target audience, your online personality can sway between professional and friendly.

A more professional personality is better for agencies that focus on older generations. For example, services like life insurance, Medicare, and final expenses.

Insurance websites geared toward younger generations need a friendlier personality. These are your renter policies, travel insurance, and freelance insurance.

Many agencies sit somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. The types of policies they offer and who they cater to can overlap.  

But, for the sake of this post, don’t be in the middle. Your agency must lean one percent in either direction. Where does your agency land? Think about who you are trying to reach. How do you make them feel comfortable doing business with you online?

Now that you've figured out your target audience, let's move to the three important areas to focus on.


1. Your Logo

No matter if your business leans more professional or friendly, you need a logo. According to the Houston Chronicle, logos are “graphical displays of a company’s unique identity.”

A unique identity is exactly what it takes to attract new customers. You’re not the other guy. In fact, you’re way better than him.

With a well-designed logo that represents your agency, you exude trustworthiness. That is a win for any customer.

2. Colors

Choosing colors is not for the faint of heart. Colors have many different meanings depending on the person. Each color has preconceived notions. Check out the chart below that I found on the Visme blog for what I mean.


color meaning and branding chart


Look at each of the brands for each color. There are two caffeinated drinks under the color red. The biggest, arguably most creative, greeting card company is purple. Think of how many technology companies have blue as their main color.

Whether they planned it or not, color says a lot about their company.

Choosing your company’s website color is very important. The easiest way to go about choosing colors is to find your base color. Then, find some complementary colors or analogous colors.

A complementary color is the color opposite of your primary color. An analogous color is the two colors on either side of your primary color. After a few decisions, you’ve got a color scheme.


3. Images

This is the final item to think about for your agency's online personality. The first thing to realize about images is people connect with people. Using images with people in them will connect your audience to you faster.

Also, when choosing images, don’t choose shocking images. Don’t use images that could make people uncomfortable. Choose images that correlate to your clients.

When choosing content neutral images, make sure they have bright colors. And if you can, find images that complement the branding color scheme you chose. This creates consistency and a sense of harmony that your customers will enjoy.

And as a cautionary note, please always pay for your images, unless you’ve taken them yourself.


A website that shows your agency’s personality is important to thrive in this industry. Have a standout professional logo. Use colors that reflect your goals. And, pay for high quality images that help people connect with your agency.

POSTED JULY 12, 2017 10:03 AM
This is the Way: Marjorie Segale from Segale Consulting

Soon after starting her first job as a commercial lines producer at an insurance agency, Marjorie Segale went with her boss to a client’s steel fabrication and erection company. He asked her to identify everything that was a risk exposure. She finished her list in 2.5 seconds. He then motioned to the employees and told her they might get to keep their jobs IF she did hers correctly.

“I wasn’t really sure what he meant, but it certainly scared me. It took a while, but I eventually learned that he was talking about identification of risk, proper design and placement of insurance, and using risk management principles for the protection of the client’s assets.”

That was the start of her more than 40-year career in the insurance industry. Marjorie started her own agency writing all lines of business in the late 1970s. She sold it in 1990 and joined Insurance Skills Center, which introduced her to the world of consulting and training. Marjorie taught for the National Alliance CIC program for more than 20 years. In 2010 she formed Segale Consulting Services and co-founded Insurance Community University with Laurie Infantino.

This is the way Marjorie Segale works.



Huntington Beach, CA

Current gig: 

Act as a consultant to my private business clients, self-insured pools, insurance agents and brokers and insurance companies.  Act as an expert witness for insurance agent and broker standard of care.

One word that describes how you like to work. 


Current mobile device: 

Moto Z Play Droid

Current computer: 


Project(s) you’re currently working on: 

Working on projects for four separate Joint Powers Authority pools’ Memorandums.

Accomplishments you’re proud of: 

Co-authoring four successful industry designations / certifications for insurance professionals:  AFIS, CISC, CCIP, CLIC

What are your goals for the next 12 months? 

Continue to serve my clients the best way I know how.

What are your biggest professional challenges? 

Learning how to create coverage language.

What do you like most about your job? 

I work with the smartest people in both insurance and in business.

What technology, apps or tools can’t you live without? 

Google is my friend. 

What’s the most recent app you’ve downloaded but have yet to use? 

None.  I tend to only download what I will use.

Marjorie in MontereyDescribe your workspace. 

Home office.  Multiple computer screens.

How do you manage your to-do list?  

Prioritize according to deadlines and work long hours to meet those deadlines.

How do you celebrate finishing a major project? 


What’s your best time-saving tip or hack? 

Well, it is a little old school, but label files and documents clearly and according to content.  So tired of getting scanned docs that are simply a series of numbers.

What’s the first thing you do when you get in the office? 

Make coffee.

What do you listen to while working? 

Nothing other than my dogs occasionally going berserk because the mailman showed up.

What are you currently reading? 

Several Memorandums of Coverage.  Oh, you probably mean “normal” reading.  Killing the Rising Sun.

What’s your favorite blog and/or podcast?

Risk Management Monitor.

Night owl or morning person? 

Both.  Old people don’t sleep much.

What are you watching on Netflix right now? 

Who has time for Netflix?

How do you decompress? 

Have fun with my friends.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My two dogs. Time for breakfast!  My young dog is highly food motivated and the older one just doesn’t want to miss out.

What does a typical day look like for you?  

Start my work day around 5:30 a.m. with email clean up. Review projects and deadlines. Work on coverage comparisons or coverage specifications for clients for 3-4 hours; take a short break around 1 p.m.  Work until 5:15. Go to the gym.  Fix dinner. Check email and answer, if needed. Read for a couple of hours. Lights out around 11 p.m.

Who are your business idols and why? 

Bill Wilson (now retired from IIABA). Bill epitomizes everything good about the insurance industry. Massive knowledge of the insurance industry, and caring about the needs of his organization’s members and their clients.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Put your client’s needs ahead of profits. Profits will follow.

If you could switch jobs with someone, who would it be?

I love my job.  Why would I switch?

Who would you like to see in a future This is the Way post? 

Randy Maniloff without a doubt.  Lawyer, author, comedian.  Insurance law can be funny.  Really.

Randy is a remarkable attorney and is one of the most respected coverage counsel attorneys in the US.  Randy’s practice is concentrated in the representation of insurers.  Law firm:  White and Williams LLP; Publication:


The This is the Way blog series asks ITC employees, agents, carriers and other people in the industry how they work and to share their tips. Is there someone you want to see featured or questions we should ask? Tweet us or leave it in the comments below.

POSTED JULY 11, 2017 3:15 PM
Google Posts: A New Feature Perfect for Insurance Websites

Google rolled out a new feature that's so new, you probably haven't heard about it yet. 

Within the last few weeks, Google Posts launched. This new feature promises to give business more visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

So far, most business owners don't have access to the new feature. However, I was lucky enough to get access through one of my customers. Here’s a look at Google Posts, what you need to know, and how your agency can leverage them. 

What Are Google Posts?

Google Posts are designed to help businesses promote events, sales and special offers. I've included a screenshot of a Google Post as it appears on the SERP.



In this instance, I highlighted an article about Independence Day tips. The Learn more link takes users to the blog article. Searchers can read the rest on this agency’s website.


Create Your Google Post

This feature can be found in the Google My Business portal. It is intuitive to use. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are a few different ways for you to make a post.



You have the option to create an event or add a button. You can even choose the type of button you want to display. Button options include: Learn more, Reserve, Sign up, Buy and Get offer.

Each button comes with the ability to post a link associated with that particular call to action. 

You can also add an image or photo to your post. A picture will grab people's attention, so choose one that is most relevant to your post.


Tracking Your Google Post

Now that you've made your post, it's time to track the results.

As with all marketing initiatives, tracking must be carried out. Google Posts tacks some metrics for you, as you can see in the below screenshot.



You can see the number of times your post was viewed and how many times a customer clicked on the link. Another tracking method is to use UTM codes in the link to your website.

If you do not replace your post within six days, it will expire. It will removed from the SERPs. This makes sense, as Google wants to keep that section fresh for the latest news and updates.


How Would an Insurance Agent Benefit from Google Posts?

There are a multitude of ways to leverage this new feature to give your insurance website a traffic boost. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Alert customers about closings in case of emergencies or holidays.
  • Provide claim information, such as phone numbers or websites, during emergencies like stormy weather.
  • Tell customers about a new blog or article posted to your website.
  • Allow customers to make an appointment, if your agency uses an online program for such activities.
  • Inform customers about upcoming events your agency is hosting.
  • Advise customers on new products or coverages your agency is selling.
  • Offer cross sell opportunities. For example, a special discount for bundling policies.
  • Ask customers to sign up for newsletters or webinars.


I strongly recommend all insurance agents take advantage of this feature. It's a great way of getting customers to learn about your agency. It can drive traffic to new areas to your website, straight from SERPs. 

POSTED JULY 10, 2017 10:34 AM
What's in Release of InsurancePro

These are the enhancements that are included in the next release of agency management system InsurancePro (Release

  • Changed policy status form Active to New Business.
  • Added the ability to bridge roadside add-ons to InsurancePro.
  • Installer does not allow installation on Windows Vista.
  • Added soft deletes for policies.
  • Added logos to receipts.
  • Added the ability to bridge homeowner and motorcycle policies from TurboRater to InsurancePro.
  • Added recent opened policies to the left menu bar.
  • Corrected issues with processing some AL3 files.
  • Corrected an issue where the notes were not saving on the general form Invoice for Payment Due.
  • Corrected an issue with associating emails from the check new email window.
  • Corrected an issue when adding a new location and not displaying in the list for the administrator to add to the users.
  • Corrected an issue where the business name was being used instead of the applicant name in ACORD forms for commercial policies.

POSTED JULY 06, 2017 9:54 AM
Ask Me Anything: Bob Ingram of Peachstate Insurance


Masters of Marketing logo

Join us on Thursday, July 20th for the next edition of Masters of Marketing.     

We will be featuring a live AMA, or ask me anything, with Bob Ingram of Peachstate Insurance. This question-and-answer format allows attendees to ask anything they want regarding Bob's experience with search engine optimization, digital marketing for the modern insurance agency. Start thinking of questions now to ask during the live webinar!

Masters of Marketing is a free, monthly webinar series for insurance agents hosted by a rotating cast of digital marketing experts. Topics range from digital agency marketing to SEO to websites. We hope to see you there!


POSTED JULY 07, 2017 9:37 AM
Set Your Insurance Agency Website Apart

Arrow going against the grainIt’s a situation insurance agents and small business owners must confront every day. You might have even thought about it yourself.  

How will your independent agency succeed in today’s saturated market? How will you set yourself apart, especially online?

After working with thousands of agencies, here’s the secret: You are the difference.

Who Are You?

How do you communicate who you are to online prospects and clients?

The first step is identify what you have to offer folks that they cannot get anywhere else.

Take a step back and analyze who your target is. What issues do they face? How can you solve their problems?

I like to refer to this quote from Scott Langdon, SEO guru.

When creating your brand, incorporate a solution to their problems into your slogan. Create a well thought-out plan that explains in detail how your services will ensure success.

- Scott Langdon

Make it clear that what you offer is a solution to their problem. Add this to your homepage copy. Also consider your agency branding to further communicate this.

Your Agency, Your Brand

Your agency’s website and logo are distinctive branding elements on the internet. Think of your website as your online office. You want it to look welcoming to visitors. But, you also want to stand out.


Color scheme is one of the most important, yet overlooked, parts of a successful website. Knowing who you are and the product you offer will help with decisions about colors.

Your website’s colors has an immediate impact to the visitor. With the right attention to detail, you can make it a positive one.

Plus, the longer a visitor stays on the website, the higher probability they will take action.


Your logo is the face of your agency. It displays your unique identity through colors, fonts and images.

Logos provide essential visual information about a business at a glance. They allow customers to identify your core brand in an instant.

A well-designed logo is also essential to any company's marketing strategy. Simply put, don’t let a poorly designed logo stand in your way of online consumers.


To stand out online, start with your target audience. Get to know them and use your individuality and branding to set yourself apart. Then, everything will fall into place. 

POSTED JULY 05, 2017 9:57 AM

News – Insurance Journal

Q2 Insurtech Funding Rises to $1B: Willis Towers Watson/CB Insights Report
Insurtech funding volume hovered close to $1 billion in the 2017 second quarter, a result nearly 150 percent larger than the same period a year ago, according to a quarterly report on the sector from Willis Towers Watson and CB …

POSTED JULY 24, 2017 2:14 PM
UK Faces Future of Record-Breaking Wet Winters, Floods: New Climate Models
Britain faces a future of record-breaking wet winters, potentially leading to more of the widespread flooding seen in recent years, according to new modeling that incorporates changing climate patterns. England and Wales now have a 34 percent chance of record …

POSTED JULY 24, 2017 1:54 PM
Experts Examine Quake Damage on Greek Island of Kos
Crews of experts began examining the damage to cultural monuments and infrastructure on the eastern Greek island of Kos on Saturday, a day after a powerful earthquake killed two tourists and injured nearly 500 others in the Aegean Sea region …

POSTED JULY 24, 2017 1:35 PM
Brit Global Specialty Assumes Renewals for Legacy Catlin’s U.S. Yacht Business
Brit Global Specialty USA  said it has reached an agreement for the exclusive renewal rights for part of XL Catlin’s directly written yacht portfolio. The agreement relates to legacy policies written by Catlin, prior to its acquisition by XL. BGSU …

POSTED JULY 24, 2017 1:32 PM
Markel Appoints HDFC Ergo’s Mathur to Lead Entry into Indian Market
Specialist insurer Markel International has appointed Deepika Mathur to lead its entry into the Indian market. Capacity will be provided by Markel’s Syndicate 3000 at Lloyd’s and business will be written through the Lloyd’s India platform, based in Mumbai. The business …

POSTED JULY 24, 2017 1:17 PM
AIR Worldwide Launches Severe Thunderstorm Model for Australia
Catastrophe risk modeling firm AIR Worldwide announced it has released a severe thunderstorm model for Australia, which captures all three sub-perils – hail, tornado and straight-line wind – to help companies assess and manage severe thunderstorm risk. The AIR Severe …

POSTED JULY 24, 2017 1:04 PM
Man Indicted in Scheme to Sell Paintings from Massachusetts Art Heist
A Boston federal jury has indicted a West Virginia man on charges he tried to sell paintings he did not have access to and falsely claimed were stolen in the largest art heist in U.S. history. Prosecutors allege that 47-year-old …

POSTED JULY 24, 2017 12:35 PM
Maryland Plans Lawsuit Against EPA Under Clean Air Act
Republican Gov. Larry Hogan’s administration announced plans Thursday to sue the Environmental Protection Agency, if the agency doesn’t respond to Maryland’s request to make sure power plants in neighboring states use pollution controls. Ben Grumbles, secretary of the Maryland Department …

POSTED JULY 24, 2017 12:32 PM
New Jersey’s Brooks Insurance Agency Hires Hoover
Brooks Insurance Agency, a Manalapan, N.J.-based multi-line wholesale insurance agency, has hired Ben Hoover as vice president and broker. Hoover joins the team with a commitment to providing the best service to current and future clients as Brooks Insurance Agency …

POSTED JULY 24, 2017 12:24 PM
Insurers Pummeled by Car Dealers’ Claims for Hail-Damaged Vehicles
A hailstorm that pounded down on a Subaru dealership in Plano, Texas, barely lasted 30 minutes, but left behind a trail of smashed windows, dented hoods and millions of dollars’ worth of claims for an insurer to cough up. Damage …

POSTED JULY 24, 2017 11:54 AM

NOTICE: The links and articles found on or within this news center are simply for informational purposes that we believe may be of benefit to our clients and/or website visitors. By providing these links on our website, we are not recommending or endorsing the use of the particular products or services these third parties offer. Nor does Sample Insurance Agency confirm, corroborate or agree to the statistics or opinions on these links and articles. We urge you to review each website’s Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, and develop an independent opinion of the service or product for any link pursued.

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